Reviewing The Razer Naga Trinity

With so much hype surrounding the Razer Naga Trinity mouse, we decided to check it out!

The Razer Naga Trinity is a modular gaming mouse which offers virtually endless customization as well as three unique identities. While it is more for MMO and MOBA players, almost anyone can take advantage of the mouse’s added design and capability, even if you don’t like playing games.


  • Onboard profile storage
  • Accurate, lightweight, and fast
  • Synapse 3 allows endless customization
  • Chroma lighting effects


  • The size is more suitable for those with small hands
  • Quite expensive for a gaming mouse

The Specs In Detail

Following is what the Naga Trinity gaming mouse is all about

Incredible versatility

hanks to the interchangeable side plates, the mouse can easily adapt to a range of scenarios and user preferences, making it truly adaptive. Moreover, with the ability of the magnetic panels to detach easily, you can now enjoy two, seven, and twelve button configuration. For each individual thumb button, the mouse features mechanical switches.

Ergonomic button positioning

With this Razer mouse, every click is effortless and deliberate at the same thanks to the perfect actuation pressure. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have fun playing a fast-paced shooter game using the 12-button panel.

On the right side, there is also an ergonomic finger rest so that anyone using a palm grip can keep their fourth finger from repeatedly getting caught under the mouse. Other design elements include a braided cable and rubber grips on both the sides.

Extensive visual customization 

Like all Razer products, this mouse also comes with the famous Chroma lighting system, allowing unlimited visual customization. There are three individual lighting zones on this mouse; the left side panel, scroll wheel, and the logo. You can also program a unique pattern or allow compatible games to control the display of colors.

Effortless and lag-free

Two problems that gamers usually face when using a gaming mouse are inaccuracy and friction. However, Razer avoids both of these problems by using a 1000 Hz polling, a lightweight form-factor, and one of the fastest undersides ever. Consequently, you get a smooth aiming experience that is also lag-free.

Below the scroll wheel, you will find two buttons that allow you to adjust the resolution of the optical sensor on the go. So, using the same mouse, you can either aim slowly or spin around completely.

Innovative Synapse 3 software

While more buttons allow increased available actions, the Synapse 3 beta software allows complete customization of all the buttons. In fact, you can program multi-key macros too which is particularly ideal for productivity apps as complex shortcuts can be executed with just one button press.

By binding macros to the side panel of the Naga Trinity, you can speed up various tedious tasks and repetitive actions such as copy/pasting and exporting pictures. Each side panel can also be linked with different user profiles, and they are activated automatically, based on the game you are playing. All in all, because of the flexible and robust features of Synapse 3, there are endless possibilities.

Is buying Razer Naga Trinity worth it?

If you wish to carry out more actions quickly or you don’t want to lift the fingers off of the WASD keys, then the mouse is ideal for you.

Apart from being an excellent gaming mouse, the Naga Trinity also offers better quality because of its robust construction, endless customization, and performance-driven design. Furthermore, its effortless movement and unmatched versatility make it ideal for work purposes too!