The Big Black Friday Roundup For 2020

Its that time of the year once again! Every retailer is trying to get your attention with a host of Black Friday Sales. To try and keep things simple and organized, below is our roundup of all the known Black Friday sales so far. Be sure to share with your friends!

Three Dash Cams Reviewed

Driving is always a bit of a gamble, and if you want to be sure you have proof that an accident wasn’t your fault, or if you just want to post videos of people doing stupid things on YouTube, you need a dash cam. And just like any other piece of technology these days, there are many different options so strap in and let’s go for a ride. These three dash cams which we have reviewed should provide you with all you need.

Four Budget Microphones From $35.99 and Up

Many people have begun working remotely for the first time, conferencing with supervisors and staff via Slack, Zoom, Skype, and other video chat platforms. And what is more frustrating than trying to communicate but not being heard due to your computer’s inadequate built-in microphone. For those not looking to become YouTube famous but still wanting to sound professional and sharp, we have reviewed these four budget microphones (Under $150) that will bring your A game without breaking your wallet.

End Of Summer Sunscreen Review

While it may feel a little late, summer has finally hit us! And after you’ve found those perfect sandals for your new beach look, don’t forget to grab the ever important sunscreen. With aisles and aisles of options, next time you’re buying a new bottle keep an eye out for these sunburn saving SPFs!

Pit Sticks For Underarms and Private Bits

Guys, how many of you think about the type of deodorant you buy? It's just a stick in a pit and that's it, right? Well, there's a bit more to it than that. There are two types of BO busting sticks: deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorants make everything smell nice, while antiperspirants actually stop or slow the amount that you sweat in the first place. So whether you want to smell sweet or not sweat, check out these products for men the next time your stick runs out: