Black Friday 2017 Ad Scan Predictions

Black Friday 2017 is just around the corner, and as the shopping event has become larger and more prominent in recent years, so too has competition among shoppers to secure the best possible savings. Because of Black Friday's massive crowds and variety of bargains, planning and budgeting beforehand is a must for those who want to purchase everything on their shopping list. With that said, the dilemma posed by BF then becomes the limited amount of time shoppers have to review every store's official advertisements, which typically release during the week of Thanksgiving. Comparing prices, offer details, item quantities, and more, all while developing a schedule-suiting itinerary, is something that's easier said than done during one of the busiest weeks of the year.

That's where ad scans come in. Every year, individuals who have access to Thanksgiving specials, as well as some businesses looking to get a jump on the competition, leak high-definition images of their associated company's discounts (in the form of the actual ad collection that'll be released during the week of Thanksgiving). Just as BF itself has crept forward into Thanksgiving Day, little by little, these leaks have made their way onto the screens of shoppers earlier and earlier every year. Checking them out can be the difference between getting the deal of the year and leaving the holiday empty handed.

To help shoppers get the exact items they want, at the prices they deserve, let's take a look at when the Thanksgiving 2017 deals can be expected to leak!

Thanksgiving Ads 2017: Release-Date Predictions

Thanksgiving 2017 falls on Thursday 23 November, and Thanksgiving 2016 fell on Thursday 24 November. Using Thanksgiving 2016's date for reference, advertisements started to leak several weeks before the holiday. In typical BF fashion, some of the largest retailers—Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target—were unwilling to keep their price cuts a secret up until the event itself, and by 10 November—two entire weeks before Thanksgiving—their offers had been leaked in full. It can be expected that BF 2017 will see these same retailers make their discounts public around 9 November.

Clothing and fashion stores, perhaps because they face such stiff competition from brands that sell clothes in addition to tons of other items, attempt to attract customers at the start of November. As early as the first day of November 2016, but certainly by the third, Kohl's, JCPenney, Hallmark, and Victoria's Secret revealed their BF specials. Keeping this in mind, as well as the mentioned idea that clothing and fashion stores try to get a jump on other BF ads, shoppers can expect to be able to look at most of these deals around the second day of November 2017, a full three weeks before Thanksgiving.

Wholesale retailers like Sam's Club, Costco, and BJ's haven't yet drawn crowds quite as large as those that surround Wal-Mart and Target on BF, and they've also made a habit of leaking their ad scans towards the beginning of the month. These establishments feature some of the most overlooked price reductions, and it's worth checking their ads out. Below are some predictions on when the ad scans will be released.


 Walmart Logo 2017

2012 – November 8
2013 – November 11
2014 – November 11
2015 – November 11
2016 – November 10
2017 Prediction – November 10

Best Buy Logo 2017 2012 – November 7
2013 – November 12
2014 – November 10
2015 – November 9
2016 – November 10
2017 Prediction – November 11


Target Logo 20172012 – November 9
2013 – November 11
2014 – November 10
2015 – November 8
2016 – November 9
2017 Prediction – November 9



Kohl's Logo2012 – November 9
2013 – November 12
2014 – November 8
2015 – November 6
2016 – November 3
2017 Prediction – November 7



The Digital Edge

As was mentioned, retailers are trying harder and harder to attract a larger number of BF customers than their competitors, and in addition to doing so by leaking advertisements, they've started to offer online shopping deals long before Thanksgiving. Specifically, these bargains are completely different from those released during Cyber Monday, and can pop-up three weeks prior to BF. Different from these special prices are BF prices that're matched online, and can be nabbed with a few simple clicks.

The point is that it's important for everyone to remember that some of the best offers today, on BF and generally, can be through online shopping. What's more is that these savings require essentially no effort to take advantage of, unlike BF's brick-and-mortar specials.

Whatever product one's looking for, and whatever store one is interested in shopping at, there's a very good chance that an appealing BF deal can be found, as the international phenomenon features no shortage of price slashes. Try to plan ahead and chart a precise shopping course to save the most possible time, energy, and cash when hunting for bargains. But, if you've taken the time to read this article, on this website, you're probably an experienced shopper with little to worry about this BF

In that case, all that's left to do is enjoy the holiday and the shopping. Here's to great bargains!