Gaming Desktop Computers Around $800 Dollars

Since the inception of computers in the 1980s, there has been a fast-paced dimension of computer gaming growing on the sidelines. While the PC industry has been quick to revolutionize computer gaming by adding high-end specs in both hardware and software, the cost has always been a concern for many gaming enthusiasts. The advancement in gaming has brought in 3D graphics, and virtual reality gaming that continue to push the envelope for gaming PCs and consequently the demand follows suit. Recently, industry leaders have been rushing to provide gamers with affordable gaming machines but making it even harder a task to find a good tower that has the right balance of power, productivity, and performance. Competitive online gamers today no longer have to spend over $1000 to get a high-end gaming machine. While a 3-year-old rig won't cut it, PCs that are around the middle-ground; not too weak and not too expensive, will do just fine. The sweet spot happens to be around $800 price range and these deliver just a respectable performance per dollar as custom rigs. These prebuilt gaming PCs won't put a hole in your pocket but they'll still be able to play the latest AAA games at high framerates and in full high definition:


If you've always wished to play the latest iteration of games at FHD and 60 fps, look no further than the VR Ready GXiVR8020A4 Desktop. This prebuilt gaming station will save you a ton of cash while still offering the best value for money at this price range. Built beautifully, the CYBERPOWERPC Xtreme has red fans visible on the front and the back, all inside a glorious black case. Out of the box, this PC comes with a mouse and keyboard combo and Windows 10 home 64 bit pre-installed. Armed with the AMD RX 580 graphics card with 4 GB you should be able to play modern title games smoothly except for the very demanding ones like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Tests have confirmed this card to equal or even surpass the 3GB GTX 1060.

Under the hood is a very capable i5 7400 that handles games like a champ. With four threads multitasking should be a breeze on this PC thanks to the expandable 8 GB RAM embedded. The four cores also come as a limitation as cumbersome tasks push it to the edge and its starts becoming a little noisy when encoding video. Regarding storage, there is a 1 Tb HDD inside with no SDD, bummer! (But still upgradable). Luckily this futuristic design comes with sumptuous additions like a HDMI port, 802.11 AC Wi-Fi USB adapter, DVD drive and 7.1 surround sound audio.

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The SkyTech Shadow AMD-1060-I

Relatively unknown, SkyTech has emerged as a leading manufacturer for budget gaming desktop builds. Following their long list of innovative gaming PCs, the SkyTech AMD 1060- I Gaming station has an AMD FX-8350 processor with a clock speed of 4.0Ghz and a GTX 1060 card with 3GB DDR5. Like the Xtreme GXIVR8020A4 Desktop, this prebuilt PC also comes with a keyboard and mouse and is capable of handling heavy-duty computing, video editing, development, gaming and of course social media. The AMD FX-8300 is highly rated in the AMD line-up comparable to the intel core i5 from the rivals' product line. The NVIDIA 1060, on the other hand, is a proven performer. Double that with its processor, the 8 GB DDR3 RAM, and 120 GB SSD, this gaming desktop quickly punches way above its price tag.

The SkyTech Shadow AMD-1060-I should fly through modern titles in FHD clocking a minimum fps of 60. Should you need extra storage for your advanced mission games, the 1 TB side of the combo drive should provide ample space. As if that's not enough, there's also high-fidelity audio via an 8-bit channel for high definition audio.

A gamer needs a lot of ports to plug in accessories, and this PC does disappoint regarding I/O. The system unit is laden with USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0 ports, audio jack, DVI, and HDMI ports should you be a multiple display junkie.

The SkyTech ArchAngel ST-ARCH-GTX1050TI-V1s

Resembling a mini alien spacecraft, the hardware on this build underscores engineering quality from SkyTech. Second SkyTech PC on this line up the ArchAngel ST-ARCH-GTX1050TI-V1 is equipped with a GTX 1051ti, 4GB DDR5 and an AMD FX-6300. Well, one thing for sure is that the ArchAngel ST-ARCH-GTX1050TI-V1 looks awesome but does it perform well too? You'll be happy to learn that its performance is just as enticing thanks to the FX-6300 hexacore.

For games that do not demand a lot of horsepower like Overwatch and Counterstrike, the GTX 1051ti delivers more than enough juice to power through these in 1080P. Aside from the graphics card, the processor also packs a punch with its base clock of 3.5Ghz which can be enhanced to 4.1Ghz. While you can overclock the CPU to give a 10- 20% boost in performance, users have complained that the cooler doesn't do a stellar job as the system gets hot and thermos-throttling and noise kick in.

This model comes with Windows 10 Home 64 bit installed and a 1TB internal HDD. You will be pleased to learn that booting up is quick as the PC comes with virtually no bloatware installed. The DVD drive, Wi-Fi USB, USB ports, display port, HDMI port come as standard for connectivity options.

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The Acer Predator AG3-710-UR53

In Acers latest attempts to get a foothold in the lucrative gaming PC market, the Predator AG3-710-UR53 is a kick-ass system that is looking to blast through the latest games titles at 1080p. Regarding build quality, there's no doubt that the Predator AG3-710-UR53 is an eye-catcher. It is angled at the front with the predator logo atop and strong metal panels grace both sides of the chassis.

For connectivity, there are two USB 3.0 connectors at the front, a standard audio jack and two USB 2.0 and three audio connectors in the rear. The choice of Acer for internals is quite interesting; the R7 360 is based on older hardware but still has the capacity to power today's PC games. The core i5-6400 is another slightly outdated chip, lacking hyperthreading but compensates with turbo boosting from 2.7Ghz to 3.3Ghz. The 8 GB RAM and processor should do well to bulldoze through games like Metro: Last Light and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor at ultra-high settings. Unlike many gaming PCs in this price point, no complaints have been reported concerning noise and heat. With almost no whispers when running certain games when we tested it.

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