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Don’t lose hope if something sells outPrime Day Echo Deals

Amazon will release different deals according to the time of the day, and the most aggressive deals will probably be offered during the peak shopping hours of the day, so make sure you check back often to prevent missing out on any deals. Walmart and Target will also be offering huge discounts to compete with Amazon and may even lower the price of a product that was sold out on Amazon. 

Visit Walmart for pickup discounts

Last year Walmart competed with Amazon by offering a pickup discount where customers were offered an additional discount if they came to pick up their purchases. Walmart may try to undermine discounts on Prime Day this year as well by offering heavy pickup discounts on products featured in Prime Day sales. However, Amazon may offer the same discounts if you choose slower shipping.

What to expect from the best deals

Last year, most of the best deals and hefty discounts were on technology and clothing. It is advisable to keep an eye on smartphones, wearables, 4K televisions, along with any Amazon-made devices such as Kindle, Echo, and the Fire TV. Shoes, especially from brands like Adidas and New Balance, are likely to be heavily discounted and may be offered at a price cheaper than the price offered on Black Friday.

Discounts offered

Amazon is also offering various discounts in the form of bonus gift cards and cash back. There is a 20% discount on Prime Day sale items available if you use the Amazon Store Card along with a $40 gift card available for new signups. You can also get 5% cashback if you use the Amazon Prime Chase Card. 

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