Top 5 App Deals For Summer 2018

Want to beat that summer heat? Browse through the following cool iOS and Android apps to while away the long, hot summer days while staying cool indoors. Be sure to grab these awesome apps and beat that heat-induced laziness.

  1. Monument Valleymonument valley


  • Available at: Amazon
  • Price: Free
  • Lowest by: $4

Monument Valley is a surreal expedition through impossible geometry and fantastical architecture. The object of this app is to guide the silent princess Ida through perplexing monuments, unfolding optical illusions, searching for hidden paths, and beating the cryptic Crow people. This app is the top pick for the Editor's Choice award due to its beautifully designed levels filled with meditative puzzles. The artwork of this app is inspired by a diverse and unique mixture of artistic movements, architectural styles, and personal influences. The stunning geometric structures and simple melodic interactive sounds are perfectly tailored to provide a different gaming experience.