How To Save On Burberry

You’ll hardly find Burberry putting up sales. Plus, the greatest discount you can get on Burberry is 50%. However, other retailers offer excellent discounts on various Burberry goods.

Now, for more than a century, Burberry has been famous for selling luxury British fashion items. Since Burberry often gets out of budget for most of us, it is nice to save some pounds when shopping for fancy Burberry clothing. For this reason, we’ve listed all the important dates so that you know when the sale is going to take place. Make sure you save the dates to take advantage of the discounted prices!

When do Burberry sales even take place?

Burberry loves to keep its customers on their toes. It keeps the customers continuously guessing when the sales will take place. To be one of the first to get to know about the sale, sign up to Burberry’s email list so that you are notified about future sales as well as when a new collection is released.

Of course, you cannot always count on benefiting from a Burberry sale; however you can make some good guesses. For instance, you commonly see end of season sales. Plus, the brand also sometimes offers sales around the holiday season like Black Friday and Memorial Day.

What can you expect from a Burberry discount? burberry duffle

At times when Burberry does have a sale, discounts are given on an item-by-item basis instead of across categories like other brands. The maximum discount you can get is 50% off. However, there are also numerous items that are available in the range of 25% to 40% off.

You must note though that regardless of where the sale is being held, you will get the same discount. So, for example, if Burberry holds a Black Friday sale with up to 50% off on items, then you will get the same discount in a Burberry sale that takes place in January. 

What items are available at a discounted rate?

Previously, Burberry had three different clothing lines; the Burberry Brit line which included casual clothes, the Burberry London line which included more dressier items, and the Burberry Prorsum line which included more of the fashion-forward clothing pieces. However, towards the end of 2016, the names of these clothing lines disappeared from the labels, but you can still determine whether an item will go on sale or not keeping in mind the old delineation.

Generally, you’ll find trendy or seasonal garments available at a discounted price. Meanwhile, wardrobe staples, as well as classic design, are hardly discounted heavily. Furthermore, items with the famous Burberry check pattern are least likely to see a big drop in price.

Is it possible to save on Burberry throughout the year? Burberry Perfume

As mentioned earlier, Burberry sales are very rare. The good news is that other retailers do offer a discount on Burberry branded items frequently. While the selections are more limited, the savings you can make with these frequent sales are much bigger.

For example, offers a discount of up to 80% during its sales, and you can often find deals on Burberry fragrances too during this time. Moreover, stores like Mr. Porter, Neiman Marcus, and Rue La La offer a discount on Burberry clothing and discount often. In fact, up to 50% off is quite common on select items, and sales offer larger discounts that go up to 80% which is much lower than the prices you would directly get from Burberry!