Echobox Ti-22BT Titanium Earphones Review

While we all love our earphones sometimes, they infuriate us other times. Of course, we find the lack of wires quite convenient; however, many wireless earphones fail to hold a Bluetooth connection continuously. This is where the Echobox Ti-22BT earphones are different from the others; it successfully manages to hold the Bluetooth signal! Read our in depth review of the Echobox Ti-22BT earphones.

In-depth review

Let’s look at the features that make these earphones an excellent purchase

Efficient and easy to useEchobox Ti-22BT Titanium Earphones

The shells of the earphones are made using aircraft-grade titanium shells. Not only is titanium one of the toughest metals making the earphones durable, but it also improves audio quality.

These earphones are not completely wireless as both the earbuds are connected to one other via a twisted silicone cord. Moreover, magnetic housings can be clicked together to form an earphone necklace so that you don’t lose the earphones.

There is also a module on the cord which controls the earphones, so there’s no need to take out your phone to adjust the earphones constantly. On the module, there are buttons for controlling volume, a play/pause button, track selection previous and next buttons, Bluetooth pairing, and hang up/answer phone. Buttons can be found easily by feel too.

Excellent fit and commendable comfort

These  Echobox Ti-22BT Titanium earphones are water and sweat resistant which means they can be used for workout sessions and outdoor on hot days. Meanwhile, the comply foam tips keep the earphones snugly fit in your ears and help reduce external sounds.

One feature introduced by Echobox in these earphones is the wing-tip ear hooks. Soft and comfortable, these silicone hooks are available in three sizes. They fit in the outer ear’s curves, thus reducing the chances of them falling out.

Even after extended use, the earphones feel comfortable which is hardly ever the case. Moreover, for a more snug fit, you can tighten the cord at the back.
These earphones are held in a microfiber cloth pouch that keeps away the dirt and dust. However, the earphones do miss out on crush protection. Moreover, fitting in the charging cord with the earphones in the tiny pouch can be tough.

Good sound quality

In terms of calls and spoken audiobooks, the sound is not a problem; both are quite clear. Plus, these earphones offer excellent sound quality when listening to music. All genres sound good, and even if your playlist contains a mixture of different songs, all of them will sound great! The dynamic 6mm speaker, despite being small, provides sufficient power.

But as mentioned earlier, music on these earphones is the real deal. The bass remains sharp instead of becoming muddy, and the beats are well-received. There is also no bitterness in higher frequencies. All in all, these earphones allow fatigue-free listening of high-quality sound for hours on end! Echobox Ti-22BT Titanium Earphones


  • Simple to pair
  • All musical genres sound great
  • Features magnetic housing to prevent loss


  • Comply tips are not favored by everyone
  • The accompanying pouch is quite small

 Echobox Ti-22BT Titanium Earphone Specs

  • BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY: Listen wirelessly via Bluetooth; Reception up to 100 ft
  • PASSIVE NOISE ISOLATION: Features world-class noise isolating Comply foam tips
  • MAGNETIC HOUSINGS: Attach headphones together when not in use and wear necklace-style around your neck; Easy storage without misplacing earbuds
  • IN-EAR WEAR: One-size-fits-all; Echobox "Secure-Fit" Technology keeps earphones always in place
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: Over 8 hours of continuous playback time; Solid titanium shell for ultimate durability

Are these headphones worth buying?

These Echobox earphones have a strong Bluetooth signal which hardly ever drops, thus making these a reliable and dependable pair. Plus, they are priced towards the cheaper end on the price spectrum and are more affordable than numerous other high-end wireless earphones. So, if you want simple and easy-to-use wireless earbuds that offer excellent sound quality and don’t want the hassle of the Bluetooth signal dropping, then these Titanium earphones are definitely worth purchasing!

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