Levi's Trucker Jacket With Jacquard By Google

Years ago, who would have thought that smart technology and denim would go hand in hand? Well, apparently Google and Levi's did. Wearable technology, an ever expanding area in the tech sphere, has paired with the classic Levi's denim jacket look in Project Jacquard by Google. With more and more rising concerns about the average Joe being addicted to their phone and spending too much time staring at their screens, Google hopes Project Jacquard will be a step in the right direction while not losing useful technology.

The first rendition came out in 2017, called the Jacquard Commuter Trucker Jacket, geared toward the urban cyclist and marketed as a safe way to stay connected to your device without having to look at the screen while on the road. This jacket wove touch-sensitive threads directly into the fabric of the sleeve to allow for interaction.

The new generation, designed around the iconic Levi's Trucker jacket, is geared toward the every day person to use so they can be “connected, not distracted”, as Google puts it. And all right off the cuff. Actually. The Jacquard Thread technology is built into the left cuff of the sleeve so you can use specific touch gestures to issue commands.

Around the other side of the sleeve is the new and improved Jacquard Tag which connects your smart jacket to your smartphone and the Jacquard app; the tag is what translates your interactions with the smart cuff to the app. This tiny removable tag, about the size of your thumb, also has a small light for notifications as well as a vibrate function.

The Jacquard app allows you to set which apps work with the specific four gestures available: swipe up, swipe down, double tap, and cover. Expanded and improved, Jacquard's app “abilities” is compatible with more apps so you can easily control music, answer calls, remotely snap a selfie, get directions, traffic updates, hear the weather, and more. A new “Always Together” feature will also notify you if you've left your phone or jacket behind once you've synced up.

Needless to say, wearable technology will have its own specific care instructions. The Jacquard tag itself is slightly water resistant, but it cannot be washed, so remove the little tag before throwing it into your laundry basket. The rest of the jacket can be washed, suggested on a cold cycle for environmental reasons, however it needs to be line-dried unless you want to fry the Jacquard Threads.

Anila Schneider is a deal news and tech editor with passwird.com and a Canadian blogger charting her path to financial independence at bcwildfire.com