The Best Freebies For Killing An Afternoon

In this week’s roundup of the five best freebie deals, we have something for your day off. From free movies to a clay mask to get you rejuvenated, here are five deals you must take advantage of to refresh yourself!

Reviewing The Razer Naga Trinity

With so much hype surrounding the Razer Naga Trinity mouse, we decided to check it out!

The Razer Naga Trinity is a modular gaming mouse which offers virtually endless customization as well as three unique identities. While it is more for MMO and MOBA players, almost anyone can take advantage of the mouse’s added design and capability, even if you don’t like playing games.

Headphone Reviews - On Sale Now

Headphones are an accessory that can completely upgrade your listening experience. If you are in the market for some new headphones, then browse through our amazing deals before selecting the one that suits your budget and needs.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 (July 16, 2018)

Amazon Prime Day made an amazing comeback in 2016 and 2017 after its mediocre start in 2015 where it offered a plethora of awesome deals. It is basically a day organized by Amazon offering deals and discounts similar to those offered on Black Friday by retailers. Lightning deals should be at least 20% off, should be on products which have an average of at least three stars, and should have enough stock to last six hours.

This year, Amazon Prime Day is scheduled to take place on Monday, July 16, 2018, starting at 12 p.m. PT and will continue till the end of Tuesday, July 17. The day will last for 36 hours, and Amazon will also offer additional discounts and offers in the same week under the name “Prime Day Week.” However, you cannot avail these offers if you do not have a subscription to Amazon Prime. You can, of course, sign up for the month free trial of Amazon Prime to avail these offers but remember to cancel your subscription before the yearly-subscription fee is charged.      

Top 5 App Deals For Summer 2018

Want to beat that summer heat? Browse through the following cool iOS and Android apps to while away the long, hot summer days while staying cool indoors. Be sure to grab these awesome apps and beat that heat-induced laziness.

Dell Inspiron 5680 Gaming Desktop (VR Ready ) Review - 2018

The Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop has been the talk of the gamer community due to its many features that enhance your gaming experience. Its unique elements have helped this desktop to become the favorites of many gamers.

The VR compatible system of the new model year uses Intel’s 8th generation processor and a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card from NVIDIA. A competitive price, ample space, and M.2 SSD storage makes the Inspiron Gaming Desktop a much better choice than making a PC from scratch. This popular model from Dell makes it very simple to enter the elite world of PC gaming.     

Smart Home Hubs Explained

For those who don't know, a smart home hub is a piece of hardware that enables all the different devices that are automated throughout a home to be connected and communicate with each other. Smart home technology is still constantly changing, but a growing number of consumers are beginning to take advantage of all of the benefits this new tech space has to offer.

You might be wondering if you have enough smart devices to even consider a hub. Starting with a smart home hub is a good choice. Afterward, you can add any desired devices to the smart home hub one at a time. Types of possible devices that can be added to a home automation network include appliances such as refrigerators, motion sensors or wireless cameras, thermostats, and light bulbs.

Connected Security Cameras

We have reviewed several Wi-Fi enabled home security cameras. They were evaluated for frequency, motion, microphone sound quality, image quality, microphone and speaker quality, storage options, placement flexibility and smartphone apps. The results determined the Logitech Logi Circle was the best for wireless security. This camera was the easiest to set up and place, and the most intuitive. After an additional fourteen cameras were tested, the Logitech Circle 2 was the best, followed by the Nest Cam Indoors and the Netgear Arlo Q.

Month-by-Month Guide for the Best Time to Buy Everything

Some of the most common smart shopping advice is to buy products off season to score the lowest prices. For certain products, this is easy enough to figure out. It’s obvious that fall would be a good time to buy a swimsuit, because it’s after summer and most people won’t need to buy one anymore, but retailers will still have inventory to sell that they’ll likely stick on their clearance racks.

It’s not this clear cut with every type of product, but with this month-to-month shopping guide, you’ll know when you can find the best bargains on just about any type of product.

Best Gaming Laptops $1500+

When trying to find the perfect gaming rig to experience the latest that high-end gaming has to offer, it can be difficult to navigate the immense variety of options that are available today. Knowing your budget and needs/wants before starting your search will help ease the struggle and make shopping for a gaming laptop an enjoyable experience! We’ve compiled a list of the best gaming laptops available for $1500+ to make it easy for you to determine which model would best suit your specific needs. Each laptop will be presented based on processing power, graphics capabilities, and screen size.

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Gaming Laptops from $1000 - $1,500

Video games are now a mainstream part of culture in today's world and is a favorite pass-time of kids and adults alike. Gaming is one of the best way's to sit back and relax after a long day, and nothing makes the experience better than a good gaming laptop. It can be hard to find the cream of the crop in the hordes of products being pushed by advertisers on a regular basis. While some gamers are comfortable with inexpensive choices that offer a decent gaming experience, some are more interested in the high quality offerings, supporting the latest and greatest video games on the market today. Below are our top gaming laptop picks in the price range between $1,000 and $1,500.

Gaming Laptops From $600 - 1000

When it comes to PC gaming, it can be difficult to buy a pre-built machine with all the specifications and hardware required to support running high-end games for under $1500. This is why gaming laptops exist. Not only are they manufactured and sold usually for under $1000, but most of them are capable of running high-end games with relative ease, not to mention the fact that they are easily portable monsters crammed into a small package that will leave you feeling like you got your money’s worth.

Massive Amazon Coupons List 10/2017

Amazon just released a large batch of promo codes. They're all pretty specific and some have very short expiration. Choose from:

Apparel & Accessories, Beauty, Electronics, Furniture, Grocery, Health & Personal Care, Home Improvement, Kitchen, Outdoors, Pets, Sports, Tools & Industrial Supplies.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600

The under $600 gaming laptop market is not large. Gamers in general, are looking for the biggest of bangs and the most popping of the eyes. However, if expectations are kept reasonable, a great gaming experience can still be had using a budget gaming laptop. Here are the top four in this price range.

How To Save Money On Hotels

ICYMI has a hotel search box. We rolled this feature out with little fanfare or support. We're going to explain to you how to use it in order to get the most bang for your buck and save Up To 60% Off on travel to help you travel more, and travel more often.

Gaming Desktop Computers Under 1000 Dollars ($800 - $1000)

Picking up the latest gaming PC for under $1000 is a challenge. As a gamer, you want to squeeze the most performance of your hardware at the same time you do not want to break the bank. Picking up a prebuilt gaming desktop is one of the best ways to get value out of your dollar. The hardware is in most cases selected by experts and the software optimized to deliver the best performance. However, this does not mean that all PCs under 1000 dollars are high quality. Some unscrupulous manufacturers are selling substandard hardware at exorbitant prices while there are some outdated models in the market. We've saved you the trouble by testing a couple of gaming PCs under $1000 to come up with the best five.