Canadian Activewear Brands Reviewed

Working out doesn't always have to be the thing you dread, coming out of it with a sticky shirt and a red face. If you're going to reach new heights, having useful, comfortable, and attractive active-wear can help push you along. Check out these Canadian brands that are ready to work with you throughout your workout.

Levi's Trucker Jacket With Jacquard By Google

Years ago, who would have thought that smart technology and denim would go hand in hand? Well, apparently Google and Levi's did. Wearable technology, an ever expanding area in the tech sphere, has paired with the classic Levi's denim jacket look in Project Jacquard by Google. With more and more rising concerns about the average Joe being addicted to their phone and spending too much time staring at their screens, Google hopes Project Jacquard will be a step in the right direction while not losing useful technology.

How To Save On Burberry

You’ll hardly find Burberry putting up sales. Plus, the greatest discount you can get on Burberry is 50%. However, other retailers offer excellent discounts on various Burberry goods.

Now, for more than a century, Burberry has been famous for selling luxury British fashion items. Since Burberry often gets out of budget for most of us, it is nice to save some pounds when shopping for fancy Burberry clothing. For this reason, we’ve listed all the important dates so that you know when the sale is going to take place. Make sure you save the dates to take advantage of the discounted prices!