20+ Tricks to Save Money on Amazon

For online shoppers, Amazon is the top name in the virtual world, offering an easy-to shop platform providing consumers access to thousands of products in most every category, from electronics to clothing, to home goods to tools, and more. Frugal shoppers know that Amazon shopping is the simple way to great deals, but did you know there’s many ways to reduce your costs even more? Check out these 20 shopping hacks and put them to use the next time you’re interested in Amazon shopping. You’ll appreciate the massive deals you enjoy.

Hack 1: Sign up for Prime

One of the best shopping hacks that anyone can use involves Prime. A $99/yearly or $10.99/monthly Prime membership gives you access to unlimited 2-day shipping, music, movies, eBooks, and more. Also worth mentioning is that new members get a free 30 day trial and that students get a Free 6 Month Trial Of Amazon Prime Student.

Hack 2: Check out the Coupons

Search ‘coupons’ in the search bar at the top of the website, and you’ll find awesome savings on dozens of products being sold right now.

Hack 3: Shop the Clearance Sales

Extraordinary deals are found during clearance sales, taking place every so often on this large retailer website. Clearance sales provide savings of up to 90%, which is amazing for anyone enjoying a frugal living lifestyle. These are deals you do not want to miss.

Hack 4: Free Shipping

If you want to place an order, be sure to spend enough to qualify for free shipping, if you aren't a Prime member. Otherwise, except to shell out a pretty penny to cover the costs of shipping.

Hack 5: Don’t be Afraid to Complain

You will notice that this company is focused on the customer, and when something goes wrong, they take full accountability for the screw up, and go out of their way to make it right. From gift card credits to free overnight shipping, the offers you'll receive if only you voice something going wrong, are amazing.

Hack 6: Only Shop Eligible Free Shipping Items

When you shop at a store like Target, you pay one price for shipping. Her, however, you’ll pay a per-item shipping fee on selected items that are not sold by the company. It’s easy to accumulate $50+ in shipping in such manner if you aren’t careful, so stick to free shipping eligible items, notated by this emblem underneath the item.

Hack 7: Use Cash Back Credit Cards

Amazon shopping with a credit card that rewards you for your purchases entitles you to additional discounts and savings. Before ordering, check for such offers with the credit cards that you hold, and use one that rewards you for your purchase.

Hack 8: Compare the Options

One color or size may cost more than the next. If your heart isn't set on one particular color or style, compare options to score the best deal.

Hack 9: Put Prepaid Cards to Work

Most people don’t bother with prepaid cards that have only cents left on them, but why not use them for Amazon cash? It’s easy to purchase a gift card in the amount of your choosing, and those cents add up over time.

Hack 10: Wait for a Price Drop

When you’re searching for items on the website, it’s assumed you’re ready to purchase, especially if the item is added to the cart. So, expect the highest price for that item. Don't make the purchase right away. Instead, leave the items hanging around in the cart for a few hours or a couple days, and come back to a new, lower price.

Hack 11: Become a Vine Reviewer

Trusted reviewers have the opportunity to test and keep products off the website in exchange for their honest review of the product after use. This is a great way to rack up some free goods without a lot of effort required.

Hack 12: Trade-In

The trade-in program allows the opportunity to trade in games, clothing, electronics, and other items that you no longer want. You’ll earn gift cards and credit for your trade.

Hack 13: Shop With Third-Party Sellers

Third-party sellers may sell the exact same item you want at a third of the cost, and that's great savings for frugal living. Although, you won't likely see these results displayed in your search, at least not without a bit of digging around first.

Hack 14: Buy Used

Although buying everything used is not ideal, many items are just as good used as they are new -at a fraction of the cost. There’s a large selection of pre-loved goods for you to shop from here.

Hack 15: Search High, Search Low

As mentioned, the lower priced items may not first appear in the search results, so don’t stop your search after looking only at the items displayed. View the ‘Customers Also Bought’ tab at the bottom of the page, as well as recommended items, for the best selection of items.

Hack 16: Promotions Rule

If you like promotions, you won’t be disappointed with what is offered here. Although not available at all times, they’re made available often, and when they are, you'll get excited about the offers.

Hack 17: Shop the Warehouse

Have you seen the deals in the Warehouse? Many people are unaware they exist; don't be that person. Sometimes the deals are incredible. Thousands of items; super low prices. You’re winning.

Hack 18: Use a Price Dropper Tool

Many apps and extensions help you track prices of goods on the site, which, as any shopper can tell you, are known to fluctuate frequently.

Hack 19: Purchase Add-on Items

Spending a selected dollar amount entitles you to purchase add-on items. These drastically reduced priced items range from colognes to household goods and clothing. Savings of up to 90% is sometimes offered when adding-on items to your purchase.

Hack 20: Get the Amazon Store Card

The credit card for your favorite online retailer entitles you to nice perks as a card holder. You'll enjoy $50 off your purchase when approved for the card, 5% cashback on every purchase, and lots more.