The Best Products to Buy in Fall

Did you know that Fall is a great time to find amazing bargains on everyday items? In order to make room for new merchandise, stores offer incredible deals on products from the past season. Being aware of when to purchase certain items will help you to save a considerable amount of money. Read on to find out about the best deals for September and October.


Several department stores offer incredible fall savings deals and promotions throughout the season. Be on the lookout for Labor Day sales and Columbus Day deals for opportunities to save up to 50% off on your purchase. Additionally, fall clearance sales will allow you to stock up on summer styles from the past season -- usually, these savings that are often way too good to pass up! On a similar note, you also might want to consider purchasing your jeans in October -- after back - to - school season is over, retailers offer attractive savings on denim to make room for the next season's merchandise.


Once the summer season comes to an end, retailers offer the best deals on sunglasses throughout the month of September. Visit your local sunglasses retailer or sporting goods store after beach season is over for end of the season deals on sunglasses.


With the arrival of the latest iPhone in September/October, this is a great time to some score amazing deals on previous models. For added incentive, some cellular companies offer generous rebates and other sales promotions to trade in your current phone for one the newest iPhone models. What is more? You might even be able to score deals that will help you save on your data plan as you enter a new contract.


With the end of the year approaching, car dealerships need to get rid of the older cars to make space for the next year's models. This means that you are guaranteed to find amazing promotions on cars during the month of September at your local car dealership. This is a good time to consider buying a car, as dealerships might be a bit more inclined to sweeten the deal with added savings to help clear the lot.

Off - Season items:

Summer essentials such as air conditioners, lawn mowers, and gas grills go on sale in October as Home Improvement stores prepare to make room for winter items. This is also a good opportunity to purchase patio furniture with great fall clearance prices.

Airline Tickets:

Fall is considered an off - season for travel, so you are sure to find the best deals on airline tickets and vacation packages. With lower prices and more seats available, this is the best time to purchase tickets and book your holiday vacations.

Major Appliances:

New appliances, such as washing machines, are released in September or October, which results in significantly marked-down prices on the previous year's model -- sometimes even up to 70% off the regular price! According to Kiplinger, a trusted name in financial advice, it is noted, however, that these sales do not include refrigerators, which typically go on sale in May.

Bicycles and Outdoor Gear:

Save on summer gear by purchasing these products during the months of September and October. New Bicycles are released at this time, so you can expect to save when you purchase last year's model. Fortunately, bikes do not undergo an extensive redesign each year, so you most likely will not be missing out on very much (in terms of new features) if you decide to take advantage of these deals. Similarly, you can find fall savings opportunities and other end - of - season deals on outdoor gear such as tents and other camping equipment.


Toy stores must clear their shelves to accommodate the holiday merchandise, so this is the time you can expect to see great bargains on toys around the months of September and October. These sales can even allow you to stock up on toys before the start of the holiday season.

Fall offers some of the best savings opportunities of the year. In fact, holidays such as Labor Day and Columbus Day are often linked with promotional sales. In addition, this is also the best time to take advantage of end - of - season clearance sales, as stores make room for new merchandise. Next time you are in the market for an upgrade, consider holding off on purchasing these products until the months of September and October. Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities to save money.