Headphone Reviews - On Sale Now

Headphones are an accessory that can completely upgrade your listening experience. If you are in the market for some new headphones, then browse through our amazing deals before selecting the one that suits your budget and needs.

Jabra Pace Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are looking for a pair of headphones to take you through your gym routine, then these Jabra headphones are perfect for you. Available at an unbelievable price of $20 on eBay, they are not to be missed. These headphones hold our award for Editor’s Choice as they are available at half the price helping you save up to $17. Don’t miss this amazing deal as these headphones are actually $5 cheaper than they were at the refurb price in March. The best feature of these Jabra headphones is that you can enjoy a workout that is free from cables.

These headphones are ideal for running, walking or jogging. The rich, inspirational sound goes a long way to motivate you to exercise with vigor. Jabra headphones connect easily with iOS or Android phones. The battery lasts for five hours allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted talk time or music. If you get a call while you are listening to music the transition to the call is very smooth.

You don't need to wait too long for them to recharge as the rapid charge feature provides one whole hour of battery life with only 15 minutes of charging. The integrated training app for the Jabra headphones provides motivational training tips so that you can monitor, plan, and evaluate your training.

Fostex Tesla Headphones

The next headphone deal on our list features the Fostex headphones which are only for the serious audiophiles. Although these headphones are a bit expensive at $900, they provide unmatched audio quality. You can enjoy a discount of $460 and free shipping with this purchase when you purchase them from Adorama.

These headphones are the most dynamic and renowned premium headphones available today. They are also on our Editor’s Choice list. These headphones feature optional balanced cable and detachable connectors for replacement of cable. The uniquely designed neodymium magnet circuit helps to achieve a wider dynamic range. The leather earpads are made from eggshell membrane to provide maximum comfort. The diaphragm used in these headphones helps in high-resolution sound reproduction. Other various features include 50mm biodynamic cone drivers, detachable unbalanced stand, and a 5Hz to 45 kHz frequency response.

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour2 Headphones

Although when they were released, they were pretty expensive, now these headphones are available at a bargain price of $49 at Walmart, allowing you to save $21. These sweat-resistant and water-resistant beats are perfect for even your toughest workout. Whether you are out running errands or are at the gym, the Tour2 headphones provide optimal comfort and powerful sound throughout the day. The perfect fit possible due to removable eartips and wingtips provide the perfect listening experience. Take advantage of this headphone deal to enjoy a fully immersive audio experience of the signature Beats sound. Control everything with your fingertips with the tangle-free cable. The Remote Talk control with built-in microphone allows you to take calls on the go, switch tracks or change volume without missing a beat. Enjoy the full range of sound, with powerful and rich highs and lows, with these Tour2 Beats. With the purchase of these Beats you can not only enjoy free shipping you will also receive a carrying case to protect these headphones and a cable management clip. These headphones are also compatible with iOS devices.