Dell XPS 15 Touch Gaming Laptop Review

Dell’s famous XPS 15 has been reintroduced with refreshed hardware including faster RAM, 8th Gen Intel i7 processor, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics card. While its thin form makes it seem like only a lifestyle device, the XPS 15 Touch offers raw power as well as industry-leading features for increased productivity that can easily rival any traditional desktop computer. Following is a more detailed review.

Robust And Stunning Design

The materials used for the XPS 15 are stunning and include Corning Gorilla Glass, CNC machined aluminum, and carbon fiber composite. The laptop features premium components that have been carefully crafted, thus resulting in an incredible mobile-computing experience.

Made of aluminum, the Platinum Silver exterior has a satin finish and is smudge and fingerprint resistant. Due to this single-piece manufacturing, the XPS 15 has an extremely desirable visual appeal along with maximum durability and rigidity.

When you open the XPS 15, you will see polished edges that contrast well at the place where the black interior meets the metal chassis. Moreover, the carbon-fiber palm rest not only offers a wear-resistant and comfortable working space but is also quite strong and lightweight. The laptop also features a full-size backlit keyboard.

Highly functional

Thanks to the multi-touch UltraSharp 4K display and the precision touchpad, the laptop is quite functional. Every pinch, gesture, and pinch is always registered easily and accurately, eliminating the need of an external mouse.

While this Dell laptop is perfect as it is and highly capable as a stand-alone laptop, Dell still provides options for expansion. Despite the fact that the laptop measures even less than a quarter inch thick, Dell has still fit in all the ports needed including SD card reader, headphone jack, HDMI, USB-C, and USB-A. Other features worth mentioning include 5.7mm bezel, fingerprint-enabled power button, stereo speakers, and a 720p webcam.

Excellent performance

With features like the Intel 8th Gen i7 processor and the gaming-grade GeForce graphics card, the Dell XPS 15 Touch is a complete powerhouse. While casual users can enjoy the enhanced streaming performance, visuals, and sounds that the laptop has to offer, content creators and artists can highly benefit from the high-end technologies. Such technologies include an IPS display panel, fast PCIe storage, six processing cores, and Adobe RGB color.
The laptop can power an additional gaming monitor too while serving as the main workstation. Thus, you can effortlessly edit photos, create images, and produce videos because of the NVIDIA graphics processor. While the purpose of the XPS 15 is not to be a gaming laptop, it can be used for gaming too. When testing out with Fortnite, the game held steady at full HD resolution at 60 fps.


  • Ensures high-end performance
  • Has a dedicated graphics processor
  • Quick fingerprint login
  • Features luxurious materials and designs


  • It lacks an Ethernet port
  • Doesn’t have a face ID sign-in

Final verdict

The XPS 15 excels in terms of productivity. It has a 97Whr battery that can last for the entire workday easily. Moreover, the Dell Mobile Connect brings your smartphone-based notifications and communications into a centralized hub.

Moreover, the fingerprint reader allows instant logins, and the laptop features more capabilities than you will need. Thus, it is great for those who are tired of waiting for things to load. Dell’s known reliability, as well as feature set, means you can easily use the laptop without having to upgrade or experience performance degradation.

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