Reviewing the New Microsoft Surface Go!

Microsoft’s models in its Surface lineup has been complimented on its versatility and design. However, because of the high cost, these models were not widely received. Now, the company has introduced an alternative to the Surface Pro which is the Surface Go and could easily compete with Apple’s iPad Mini. Just like Apple, Microsoft has also introduced the model as a means of offering its flagship features to more people in a highly portable and affordable form. Before you decide to buy the Surface Go, give this review a thorough read!

Pros Microsoft Surface Go

  • Has a MicroSD slot that can expand storage
  • Features an eye-catching design
  • Pen, mouse, and keyboard accessories add to the versatility


  • When you purchase optional accessories, the price climbs up pretty quickly
  • The CPU is slightly sluggish

Functionality and design

While the Surface Go is not as expensive as other models in the Surface lineup, it doesn’t really seem that way judging by the looks. The finish and the design make this model seem to be up to par with the expensive models. The tablet also features high-quality materials, but with a minimalist aesthetic.

Compared to the Surface Pro, this model is diagonally 2.3 inches smaller. Plus, while the Go appears to be quite similar to the Pro, it has softer and more rounded corners. The Surface Go comes with a sturdy and adjustable kickstand that adds to user comfort in case a table is not available.

The Surface Go also features a headphone jack, a MicroSD card reader, and a Surface Connect port. Moreover, it also boasts a USB-C port, and it is the first time it has ever been introduced to the Surface tablet lineup. Plus, with the magnetized dock, you can connect to the Type Cover accessory available. Furthermore, the Surface Go has a design such that it allows flexibility, charging options, and easy upgrades for storage.


What distinguishes the Surface Go from other competitor tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and the iPad Mini is its use of the Windows 10 S. The 10 S is basically a tweaked version of the Windows 10 for tablet use. Thus, Microsoft has successfully paired up desktop functionality with ease of expandability in this tablet.Microsoft Surface Go

While Windows S uses the layout and look of the desktop’s OS, it does limit the software installation to the apps available only in the Microsoft Store. Owners of the Surface Go, however, can convert the OS form to the proper Windows 10 home installation form the tablet’s setting.

Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y process provides the computing power to the Surface Go. This is a dual-core chip which operates at 1.6GHz. Microsoft has justified their use of Pentium instead of using the Intel Core series chips because of the battery life. The tablet can give roughly nine hours of video playback.

When paired with the 8GB RAM, the tablet can quickly respond when operating within the app suite. However, it is not too efficient when used for tasks that don’t involve apps from the Microsoft suite.

Should you buy it?

So, whether you should purchase the Surface Go or not all comes down to why you need it. Since the Surface Go can be considered a tablet-laptop hybrid, it is great in terms of modularity and design; thus it is great for productivity. On the other hand, the internal hardware doesn’t allow the tablet to do much apart from the typical tablet-related tasks. So, you’ll have to evaluate your use before purchasing it.

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