Car Battery Jump Starters

For those of us who want to avoid being stuck on the side of the road alone on a rainy night outside of cell service with no civilization in sight, a dead car battery, a creepy wind, and a little voice in your head whispering that you're about to be the star in your own personal slasher film, a battery jump starter might be just the thing for you.

Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Given to you from Clore Automotive is the JNC600. The name says it all! This little jump starter gives you 1700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps from its JNC105 Clore PROFORMER battery. Hook up to pretty much any vehicle with the 46” long copper insulated cable with industrial grade clamps. Think this baby only boosts cars? Think again! A 12V DC outlet will let you charge your devices when they're dead too. All this at only 18lbs.

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Stanley J5C09 JUMPiT

The JUMPiT will get your vehicle up and running with 1000 peak amps and 500 crank amps, as well as charge up your devices with a 12V DC outlet and a USB port to boot. If you're a bit unsure on how to boost your car, this buddy will let you know when things aren't connected right with a reverse polarity alarm. Is that all? Indeed not! The J5C09 has a 120 PSI air compressor to deal with that flat tire and an LED rotating light to help you out in the dark.

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Schumacher PSJ-3612 DSR ProSeries

For about 2-3x the price of the first two, the Shumacher delivers quite the punch. Putting out 3600 peak amps and 470 crank amps, it also has 385 cold crank amps for those freezing roadside emergencies. It also provides novices with a reverse polarity warning, heavy duty replaceable clamps, 2 gauge 55” cables, as well as 12V DC accessory charging options. And when you have to bust out this bad-boy, you also get a workout; the unit weighs in at 42lbs!

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Black & Decker JUS500IB

Black & Decker want you to have a jump starter that is easy to use and can be tucked out of the way until needed. Giving you 1000 peak amps and 500 crank amps, this little battery also offers a 120 PSI air compressor and a fixed light. The powder coated metal clamps and their cables can be stored wrapped tightly against the jump starter, nice and out of the way. Amazon does explicitly state that this item cannot be returned so be sure of your purchase before you check out.