DIY Hair Removal Kits Reviewed

Removal of unwanted hair doesn't have to be either a razor or an expensive treatment centre anymore. DIY laser hair removal is becoming more and more common in the homes of men and women. The idea is to beat the hair by heading it off at the pass; prevent the growth of hair instead of just trimming the lawn. Take a look at a couple of the instruments available for truly hairless skin.

Silk'n Infinity

Return your razors and wave goodbye to your wax! Silk'nTM has a solution for your hairy hardships; the Infinity! This hand-held hair removal device looks like it could be the cousin of EVE from WALL-E and just like her, it packs a punch. Improving on their world-renowned Home Pulse Light (HPL) technology, the Infinity is convenient, effective, painless, and should leave your skin smooth and supple.

As with most laser hair removal procedures, it works best for lighter skin with darker hair. However, the Infinity has five energy settings and claims that it can be used on all ski Silk’n Infinityn tones. More importantly, if your skin tone is darker and thus at risk of damage from the treatment, the Infinity has a safe-guard built in to only allow you to use safe energy levels only for your skin tone.

The Infinity utilizes both galvanic energy to open pores and optical energy to remove the hair. Whether you choose to pulse (used for small areas, hold the Infinity over different areas of your skin working in a grid-like fashion) or glide (for larger areas of your body, simply, uh, glide), Silk'nTM claims that you will be hairless in eight weeks. Then just keep it up with some touch-ups as needed. Can't remember that? Luckily for you, buying this handy device will also get you a free app to help you schedule your treatments.

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Philips Lumea Prestige

Philips presents the Lumea Prestige, their best intense pulsed light (IPL) device yet. Resembling a more smoothed and contoured version of a phaser from Star Trek, the Lumea Prestige claims to reduce up to 92% of your hair in 3 treatments, though the statement has several addendums including the go to “individual results may vary”. This device comes with four attachments to perfectly fit the curves of your body, face, bikini line, and underarm. It was developed by dermatologists for a safe, easy treatment, even in sensitive areas. Philips SmartSkin sensor will indicate to you which setting will be most comfortable for your skin, and the Lumea Prestige can be used both plugged in and cordless.

Each attachment has a different window size to better serve each part of your body. The face attachment has a 2cm2 window and will take under two minutes to do a treatment; the underarm attachment has a 3cm2 window and will also take under two minutes; bikini is 3cm2 window and is a two minute treatment; finally the body attachment is 4.1cm2  and will take almost nine minute for two lower legs only.

Sadly for those with dark skin tones and/or very light hair (light blonds, red hair, and silvery foxes), this device simply won't work for you because of either too much melanin or too little melanin present respectively for the IPL technology to be effective and safe.

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