Review wants to help you get into that dream car you've always wanted by making themselves the one stop shop for applying for a car loan, finding auto services, and even finding the right sized tires for your ride. We go through and review the site for your reading pleasure.

The homepage is as streamlined as the sleek vehicles displayed; the design echoes the attractive lines and contours of Land Rover and Volkswagen cycling on the main display. Slickwheels isn't looking to sweep you away in spinning graphics and allegory but instead provide you with the information necessary to have you behind the wheel with confidence and a good deal, and their straight-forward design speaks to that.

The three simple steps they outline are Planning, Application, and Confirmation, listed further down the homepage. Below that is an explanation on how Slickwheels will match you with one of their lenders to tailor a car loan for your unique financial situation and vehicular dreams.

Each section is crisply separated from the other with simple, bold blocking; an effective use of solid colours that allows the eye to find what it needs and not become lost in the background. A Latest News section follows and finally at the bottom the usual links for site navigation.

A few of the links in this section are broken or simply return you to the top of the homepage. However, the Tire Sizes link does lead you to a basic form where you can select one of the four tire size charts and be led to a very basic table with no explanation. All three of the Legal links work and lead you to exactly what you expect: all the terms of use and legal policies everyone must include. The headings make it easy to find the sections you need and the larger font makes the whole section actually readable.

The links through the top banner are much more reliable. On the About Us page, you get the usual little write up about how Slickwheels will work for you. There are a few typos and grammatical errors, and it looks as if the spacing on one paragraph differs from the other, making it appear that there are two different fonts used. You get a lovely flash of choral red highlighting their main pillars of service, allowing you to easily absorb what they can do for you.

Over in the Contact Us page, the form contact boxes are so lightly outlined that it's almost difficult to see where you should type your query. The FAQ stands up better against scrutiny; the page utilizes classic minimized sections to keep the information out of sight until you need it. The answers are quite short but cut to the point. Do I need a driver's license to get an auto loan? Well, it certainly helps.

The pages under Car Loan Basics are very similarly laid out with the same minimized sections and simple tidbits of information. Beneath all of these are the Car Loan Calculator, also found on the top banner, with an easy drag-and-drop approach to finding out what kind of car loan you are looking for. Articles and Deals lead you to a blog on reviews of other auto sites and any deals that Slickwheels currently have to offer you (currently, one).

Overall, Slickwheels does look very slick on the surface, and once a few cosmetic bumps are ironed out it should perform even better. Information is clear and concise, the layout doesn't distract from the purpose of the page, and Slickwheels sells a sense of partnership.