Smart Garage Door Opener Reviews

In 2020, the only reason you should be manually raising your garage door is because you're looking for a mandatory workout. If you've already got that covered, a garage door opener is a must.

There are different types of garage door openers. There are chain drives which utilize a metal chain on a sprocket; a screw drive with a long threaded metal rod; a belt-drive with a rubber belt on a cog; and a direct drive with a jack-shaft, rocking it with cables and a rolling torsion bar and good old fashioned pulleys. Each vary in price, strength, and noise levels. Take a look at some of the best for this year to make your choice.

Chamberlain B1381 Corner to Corner Lighting Chamberlain B1381

This smart garage door opener will light up your garage corner to corner with a 3100 lumens of LED lighting as well as being smartphone controlled; open and close your garage from anywhere with your myQ account as well as check the status. This belt-drive system has a steel-reinforced belt and is ultra-quiet. With a battery backup included, power outages won't affect this powerful system, delivering the highest lifting force in the industry with reliable performance for years. Enjoy a lifetime warranty for the belt and motor; parts have a 5 year warranty.

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LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W

If real estate in your garage is sacred, this space-saving unit might be just your thing. Mounted on the wall beside your garage door, the 8500W is a jack-shaft style door opener also connects to your smartphone and the myQ app for silent access to your garage. A remote LED light will illuminate with 1500 lumens and this garage door comes with Automatic Garage Door Lock deadbolts to secure it closed as well as safety sensors that will prevent the door from closing on obstructions. As well as the Chamberlain above, the LiftMaster enables you to receive secure in-garage delivery of Amazon Prime packages; say goodbye to porch pirates! The motor comes with a lifetime warranty, parts are 4 years, and accessories have 1 year for battery and remote control.

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Atoms AT-1611 by Skylink

This door opener is run by a chain drive that allows for a soft start and stop, gradually increasing the speed of the motor and then slowing as the door comes to a stop. This maximizes the life of the parts by reducing unnecessary vibration and wear. The Atoms AT-1611 is compatible with smartphones as well but you must purchase the SkylinkNet control separately. If you're just looking for a remote control opener, this quiet DC motor will perform just fine for you. There is a 6 year warranty on the motor, and a 1 year warranty on parts and accessories. However, the price is just right for a simple machine.

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